Thursday, November 15, 2007

How do I do this?

So I've got this bee in my bonnet about sharing the story of Akili Dada as things unfold. I think its interesting to see how the process of growing the organization has not necessarily been a straight shot to where we are. And I'm sure even though I know where I want to be with Akili Dada in ten years, I might not end up there and even if I do, it will be through a series of interesting meanders.

So do I go back to the begining and detail the birth of the idea and work my way forward to this point or do I start here and just write about what happens from now on?

Maybe a bit of both. scattered and confusing but I know that in ten years it will give me perspective on how far we've come.....

I think i'll try a bit of both. Weeeeeee here we go.

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