Friday, January 4, 2008

Crisis in Kenya

I'm currently in Kenya and horrified and appalled by what is happening to my beloved country. http://www.pambazuka.org/en/issue/current/

Isaac (my husband) and I are safe and I am working on contacting our scholars and their families to see how they have endured the violence of the last few days.

This horrific experience leaves me that much more passionate about Akili Dada's mission for better leaders.

I firmly believe that it is our leaders who have led us to this crisis and that better leadership could end the violence.

Even though communication is difficult I will try to post updates especially of our scholars safety.


BeckerBulletin said...

Thanks for the update, wanjiru. Please keep updating us on what is going on, from your perspective.


Crazyfinger said...


Are you all safe? Let us know the situation when you get a chance and if you can, please blog on the situation you and the fellow scholars are facing. I am very keen to hear from you all. Stay safe please...!

Regards, Crazyfinger